by Banned From Hell

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Nightmare is the first EP by Banned from Hell, a Melodic Death Metal band from Florence.


released May 5, 2012



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Banned From Hell

BANNED FROM HELL is an Italian Metal band.
After various line-up changes, the band reached it's current and definitive line- up, which recorded the first cd "Nightmare", followed by it's tour played with bands as ROTTING CHRIST, CRYPTOPSY, CATTLE DECAPITATION, DECREPIT BIRTH, EYEHATEGOD, HATE and many more
The members of formation shared the stage with: Metallica,Moonspell,Marylin Manson,Hammerfall
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Track Name: Hate
You will suffocate in my hate,in your fear
and in your words
that are insignificant

Suffer in your pain that gives no time to scream
Suffer in your pain that gives no time to speak

You inflicted on me too much suffering

What a fuck?
You will pay
I despise you for who you are
You make me sick
I wanna see you suffocate in my hate

You die in your lies

You should be rot in hate

Suffocation of my dreams
and of my words
That are false, wicked and hateful

You must drown in my curse
There’s no another awakening
This is your last day
You’ll feel a frightful agony
You perish of my furious

You must drown in my curse
There’s no another awakening
This is your last day
You’ll feel a frightful agony
You'll perish of my furious

Flash of your sad life
Torment your mind as tornado of words
Your fear is indication of ignorance or of a mental rage
Scream from the abyss of a bloodbath
Scream from the abyss that will be eternal

You will never go Back!
Track Name: Killing in Cold Blood
You walk alone
And the air is cold tonight
While the fog caresses your face
I'm ready to do my job
I don't know you
I don't know who you are

Who you are
But i'm paid
To kill you

You are my target
You are my prey

Killing in cold Blood
Killing in cold Blood

It's not your birthday
But i have opened you
As a gift i have ripped your soul
I walk up to you
One shot, knife in hand and it all ends
With a blade
You realize that it's over for you when feel
The flavour of blood
Say your last prayer
Before you die

Limb by limb
I see that my work is accomplishing
I don't feel no joy
I have killed in cold blood
Track Name: Gunshot
I wait
and i gaze at the puddle
water not fallen from sky
the source is not a rainstorm
but it is the tears of men
these are lost men

Tired of the effort that already done
I’ve seen the faces that are
unable to express emotions

we can feel the explosion
that tries to cover the war’s, shame with mortar noise
Corpse of a friend, corpse of a foe
They are all dead

I have seen river are full of dead bodies

Of a friend,
And of a foe,
And of a kin.
The water is completely full of men

Tired of the effort that already done
the warriors finally arrive

They take us
to bring to
the place of
final execution

We waited
that everything ended up
we waited that the demon takes our fucking spirit
we don’t have fear of hell
we've already lived it

Killed with a gunshot
Reborn with a gunshot

Tired of the effort that already done
They put us in front of
the wall of the final purpose

while now
they blindfold us
we are with bated breath and we feel a soldiers throbbing
little time to remember life
the command arrives

I have seen river are full of dead bodies

Of a friend,
And of a foe,
And of a kin.
Now I'm free to come out of this hell
Track Name: Nightmare
It’s cool tonight and shoot the midnight
The nightmares assault my mind
as waves of eternal dark

Close my eyes and I see my end, into my mind, into my life
the shadows follow me
and terrify my peace, breaking my tranquility

It’s only a nightmare, one by one i'll fight my dreams
This fucking nightmare, the paradise far away
Fuck you all, feeling death, hear my pain
It must go away, away

Terror and pain I feel in me waiting for the light
Every day and every night I prefer death to eternal pain
Crying and screams harass my brain, it will not leave me

This fucking nightmare

Filthy, Soiled, Toxic, Loathful
These are my fucking dreams
These are nightmares

What is this voice in my skull, it’s inside me
I must wake up and go out to this dream that wears me down
I should leave this vision of beasts and of fiends